Ann Lundén Jacoby


Advance Report in Kunstavisen, February/March 2005

’Terminus’, ’Outpost’ and ’Green Car on the Dump’ are typical titles of Ann Jacoby’s paintings. Thus, an important element of the artist’s univers is already suggested: whatever is overlooked, unaesthetic, insignificant, from the wilderness, temporary, is what catches the interest of Ann Jacoby. And she renders it in her figurative paintings, where details have been weeded out in favour of large and simple coloured surfaces and daring croppings of the motif. All of which contributes to giving her paintings a filmic character; her sources of inspiration seem especially to have been film makers like Jim Jarmusch and the Finnish brothers Kaurismäki.
Ann Jacoby’s paintings at least possess some of subtle, excentric and melancholic tone that one finds with these film makers. Ann Jacoby has found quite her own style, an everyday surrealism that you cannot help loving. Most appropriately, the exhibition is shown at a place considered by many politicians as an outpost: Christiania, a part of town threatened to be closed down.
Gallopperiet, Stadens Museum for Kunst, Bådsmandsstræde 43, Copenhagen K. Tuesday-Sunday 02-07PM. The exhibition can be seen 6–27 March 2005.

Tom Jørgensen, editor of Kunstavisen.