Ann Lundén Jacoby


Upsala Nya Tidning

Excerpt from the review in Upsala Nya Tidning, March 29th, 2003, of Ann Jacoby’s exclusive exhibition

By Cristina Karlstam

..Ann Lundén Jacoby, herself born in Uppsala, has chosen to name her exhibition in Ekeby Qvarn ’The Journey’. That is an adequate title. The motif of her powerful, colourful painting are all more or less intimately related to voyage, moving around—in one word: journey. It may be the man who looks out at the airplane on the airfield, or the one who sits behind the wheel of his car. It may be travelers on the railway platform, ready to get on board the red train. It may be the meeting of two trains in a steep curve in a nocturnal landscape where the headlights of the engines are the only light sources, or it may be the woman who wanders on the yellow road on her way to some unknown destination. That is how Ann Lundén Jacoby’s painted world is presented from the motif perspective. But one also sees the contours of another journey, which you might call an inner one or life journey: it is exPressd through the car without driver where the yellow sky is reflected through its empty windshield. In another picture, it is formulated through an empty parking space, illuminated by foggy neon lights. These are paintings describing absence, loss and helplessness, paintings that could describe the story of life and its inevitable end.